The Fugitives club is a private members’ club, where membership is open to anyone over the age of eighteen. After your first 3 visits you will need to apply for membership, which is simple and straight forward. To apply please ask for an application form from behind the bar, or print it off from this site. Bring it to the club, fill it in and pass it to the bar staff with the appropriate fee. The staff will help you with the signatures required. You will be given a receipt, which will act as your membership card, until it has been agreed by the committee. Once passed you will be issued with your new card.

The membership is renewed annually and for 2018 the fee wil be £10. Membership renewals are collected from January on, and are payable 12 monthly, after your initial membership acceptance date.

If you include your email address on your membership application form, you will be included in the address list and you will receive notification of the various events at the club. The club also has its own facebook page and twitter account for those with time on their hands!

All members will be issued with a membership card. It will entitle you to an approximate 7% reduction in the price of all drinks at the bar when you present them with your payment. You will also be able to load your card electronically with cash, so you can pay at the bar by just having your card swiped. From time to time your card will offer promotions that will not be available to non-members. Note that lending or borrowing cards is strictly prohibited, and may lead to your card being de-activated, or even suspension of membership. The card owner’s name will appear on the till when it is swiped, so it is easily detected. This system is being introduced to give members better value, please do not abuse it, and remember to bring your card with you!.

A membership application form can be downloaded here

Club Officials

Chairman: Julian Sheppard

Treasurer: Will Heaven

Secretary: Alan Mazey

Function Room Available

For further information or to book please call Sue on 07885 736221.
Please check availability calendar on the events page.

Joker Madness

Every Wednesday at 9.30pm
Current Jackpot £144